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Tom Butler In His Studio
Madison, North Carolina

About The Artist
    Tom Butler, a distinguished artist of North Carolina, has developed a unique style of painting, characteristic of Southern Folk Art. His ability to capture the Southern heritage on canvas in bright translucent colors has made him a favorite throughout the South.
    Tom started doing flag paintings during the Desert Storm War. His flag print "Glory", a painting of an old and storied American Flag, is now sought after by collectors throughout the country. It is the center piece of a large collection of American art owned by Norman Schwarzkopf     and by country music star Lee Greenwood.
    Butler's studio is set adjacent to his house, and those driving on Lonesome Road can't miss the Phillips 66 and Double Cola signs that hang on the wooden building's exterior. Enter his studio, and a visitor might think that he's entered a general store from the past.
    He is known for his work that brings life to the "good old days" when Coca-Colas cost a nickel and the evening news was heard on the porch of the local grocery. His ability to preserve the precious memories of our lives is treasured by many.
    Tom lives in Madison, North Carolina with his wife Cissie, son Tommy, and daughter Katie. In his quaint studio he creates the paintings of unique and special places of the South. Long may he wave!

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